Society for Socialist Studies Conference 2015

University of Ottawa

June 1, 2015 – June 4, 2015

About the Conference

The theme of the 2015 CFHSS Congress is 'Capital Ideas.' The theme of the 2015 Society for Socialist Studies Conference is Kapital Ideas: analysis, critique, praxis.  Join us for four days of wideranging and engaged analysis and dialogue. June 2-5, at the University of Ottawa.

Kapital Ideas are theories and analyses that help point us toward a better world through critique of the unequal, violent and exploitative one we now inhabit. They take inspiration from the author of Das Kapital, though they range widely over many issues which include ecology and political economy, gender and sexuality, colonization and imperialism, communication and popular struggles, but also movements and parties, hegemony and counterhegemony, governance and globalization and, of course, class struggle and transformation.  Kapital Ideas are interventions that contribute to what Marx, in 1843, called the ‘self-clarification of the struggles and wishes of the age’.  In an era of deepening crisis and proliferating struggles, of grave threats and new possibilities, the need for these ideas, and for the praxis they can inform, could not be more acute.

About the Society For Socialist Studies

The Society for Socialist Studies (SSS) is an association of progressive academics, students, activists and members of the general public. Formed in 1967, the Society’s purpose is to facilitate and encourage research and analysis with an emphasis on socialist, feminist, anti-racist and ecological points of view.

The Society for Socialist Studies meets annually as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The largest multidisciplinary academic gathering in Canada, Congress is hosted by a different Canadian university each spring.

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The Society for Socialist Studies Conference 2015 will be held June 2-June 5.

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