International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics

Rarefied Gas Dynamics (RGD) is a multidisciplinary field encompassing atomic and molecular physics, mathematics and computer simulation techniques.

Its foundations trace back to the fathers of statistical mechanics, Ludwig Boltzmann and James Clerk Maxwell who opened a new path and established a link between the microscopic and macroscopic worlds.

Today, RGD is a fully mature discipline which not only provides a continuous source of challenging mathematical problems but also the basis for many applications including high altitude flight, plasma physics, microfluidics, gas-surface interaction, and many more.

The first symposium took place in Nice in 1958. Since then, researchers in the field meet every other year, alternating between Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.


Proceedings of Past Symposia

RGD22, RGD23, RGD24, RGD25, RGD26, RGD27, RGD28, RGD29


RGD Symposia and Keynote Speakers




 Harold Grad Lecture 

 Lloyd Thomas Lecture 

 Graeme Bird Lecture

 RGD 30 (2016)



 R. Caflish (USA)

 T. Minton (USA)

 S. Succi (Italy)

 RGD 29 (2014) 



 M. Pulvirenti (Italy)

 A. Rebrov (Russia)

 M. Gallis (USA)

 RGD 28 (2012) 



 J. Dufty (USA)

 U. Buck (Germany)

 B.J. Alder (USA) 

 RGD 27 (2010) 

 Pacific Grove


 F. Golse (France)

 P.F. Barker (UK)


 RGD 26 (2008)



 K. Aoki (Japan)

 S. Montero (Spain)


 RGD 25 (2006)



 A.V. Bobylev (Sweden) 

 V.E. Fortov (Russia)


 RGD 24 (2004)



 C. Villani (France)

 V. Aquilanti (Italy)


 RGD 23 (2002)



 M.N. Kogan (Russia)

 L.J.F. Hermans (Netherlands) 


 RGD 22 (2000)



 B.J. Alder (USA)

 C. Scott (USA)


 RGD 21 (1998)



 P.‐L. Lions (France)

 E.P. Muntz (USA)


 RGD 20 (1996)



 Y. Sone (Japan)

 F.C. Hurlbut (USA)


 RGD 19 (1994)



 G.A. Bird (Australia)

 J.P. Toennies (Germany)


 RGD 18 (1992)



 E.P. Muntz (USA)



 RGD 17 (1990)



 C. Cercignani (Italy)



RGD 16 (1988): Pasadena (USA) , RGD 15 (1986): Grado (Italy), RGD 14 (1984): Tsukuba Science City (Japan), RGD 13 (1982): Novosibirsk (Russia), RGD 12 (1980): Charlottesville (USA), RGD 11 (1978): Cannes (France), RGD 10 (1976): Aspen (USA), RGD 9 (1974): Gottingen (Germany), RGD 8 (1972): Palo Alto (USA), RGD 7 (1970): Pisa (Italy), RGD 6 (1968): Cambridge (UK), RGD 5 (1966): Oxford (UK), RGD 4 (1964): Toronto (Canada), RGD 3 (1962): Paris (France), RGD 2 (1960): Berkeley (USA), RGD 1 (1958): Nice (France)


Board of honor

V. Aquilanti, G. A. Bird, A. V. Bobylev, I. Boyd, M. Capitelli, A. L. Garcia, J. K. Harvey, L. J. F. Hermans, F. Huisken, J. A. Kunc, J.C. Lengrand, M. Mareschal, J. N. Moss, K. Nanbu, Y. A. Rijov, A. Santos, Y. Sone, T. Ytrehus


International Advisory Committee

T. Abe (Japan), K. Aoki (Japan), Y.A. Bondar (Russia), D. Bruno (Italy), R. Campargue (France), C. Day (Germany), J. Fan (China), J. M. Fernandez (Spain), A. Frezzotti (Italy), M.A. Gallis (USA), R. Gatignol (France), M.-A. Gaveau (France), M. Grabe (Germany), A. Ketsdever (USA), E. Knuth (USA), G.M. Kremer (Brazil), E.V. Kustova (Russia), D. Levin (USA), E.P. Muntz (USA), T. Niimi (Japan), A.K. Rebrov (Russia), B. Shizgal (Canada), H. Struchtrup (Canada), I. Wysong (USA)