Narrative Matters 2016

Victoria, British Columbia

June 20, 2016 – June 23, 2016

How Narrative Research Transforms Peoples and Communities

Narrative is an important component of all aspects of everyday life. This conference will offer participants an opportunity to learn about new narrative initiatives, innovations, and research; engage in dialogue about narrative practices; and learn about narrative studies in the Victoria region as well as more specifically across the University of Victoria and Royal Roads University campuses.

In plain language - haha!- what is this conference all about?
It's about understanding how stories and conversations impact you and your community.
It's about connecting with those who have the power of influencing future policies and stories yet to happen.
It's about marvelling at how narrative research shapes everyday life. All the time. In so many places.

Are government policies formed from the top down or the bottom up? Do policies influence the future story, or do past stories determine the policies?

How is health care influenced by multi-generational stories? by stories of self-identity? or by cross-cultural knowledge?

What is the role of language in making decisions? in solving problems?

There are too many references and applications to list here - please check the PROGRAM for more information and then come and listen and learn with participants from around the world as presenters and keynote speakers share their experiences on How Narrative Research Transforms Peoples and Communities.

With thanks to the European Union Centre of Excellence
at UVic for their generous support.



Conference Information

Principal Contact:
Wendy Swan
Phone: 250-721-8082

twitter: @NMConf2016  #NarrativeConf  #uvicSPA

UVIC School of Public Administration
Royal Roads School of Leadership Studies