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ABC Copyright Conference

Welcome to the 2014 ABC-Copyright Conference. The theme for the conference is Jumping off the Leg(islation).

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Border Songs: Western Literature Association Conference

The Department of English at the University of Victoria is the host institution for the Western Literature Association’s annual conference in 2014. The WLA returns to Canada after two very successful past Canadian meetings: Vancouver in 1995 and Banff in 1998.

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Western Literature Association will be held just south of the 49th parallel. From the conference venue, the Fairmont Empress Hotel, two countries, and the homelands of several nations, are visible. The site is the perfect location from which to address the theme of the conference: Border Songs.

The conference is hosted by the Co-Presidents of the Western Literature Association for 2014: Laurie Ricou and Anne Kaufman.

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Centre for Early Childhood Research & Policy

The 5th Annual Kindergarten & Primary Institute

Explore concepts and strategies for creating optimal classroom environments that can deepen and extend children’s multiple ways of learning.

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Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in British Columbia

The Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in British Columbia (SAB) was established as a non-profit foundation to develop independent science-based tools of benefit to professional working in contamined site management in British Columbia.

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Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition

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This conference focusses on the theory, development, characterization, and application of magnetocaloric materials. Systems for refrigeration, heat pumping, and gas liquefaction in the cryogenic to near room-temperature regime are of particular interest.

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Zheng He's Maritime Voyages (1405-1433) and China's Relations with the Indian Ocean World from Antiquity

Eighty-seven years before Christopher Columbus’ first transatlantic voyage, another of the world’s greatest navigators, the Chinese admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho), launched the first of the seven voyages he would lead across the Indian Ocean between 1405 and 1433.

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