Conference Publishing Service

As of August 1, 2016, the University of Victoria Libraries will not be providing an online conference hosting service using the Open Conference Systems (OCS) software.

The University of Victoria Libraries provides an online conference/event payment service using MONERIS. If you're a member of the UVic community interested in utilizing this service, please contact .

Information about Service:

1. Registration system

  • You will have to organize your own registration system on your website. Registrants can then pay through a link to our online payment system.

2. Type of online transactions

  • We can only handle online transactions using VISA and Mastercard. We DO NOT accept American Express.
  • We only accept online payments. Any other form of transactiions will have to be handled by the conference committee.
  • The online payment system will issue a generic receipt to the registrants email address. If the registrant requires a more detailed receipt they will be referred to the conference organizer.
  • We will require a FAST account number.
  • Registrants will be required to enter a "registration code" that is agreed upon in advance.

3. Fee structure

  • Cost of the service is dependent on the amount collected through the system. We charge an administrative fee for the use of the online payment system for all transactions (including refunds).
  • In addition, there is a requirement for GST charge which is an additional 5%.

You will need to consider the above fees when determining your registration fees.

4. Processing of conference fees

  • The Library will send you a spreadsheet of payments received on weekly basis.
  • We transfer the funds into your FAST account every week-day, minus the GST. Be aware that takes Accounting awhile to complete the process.
  • The conference admininstration fee (on ALL transactions) will be processed at the end of your conference..