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ABC Copyright Conference

Welcome to the 2014 ABC-Copyright Conference. The theme for the conference is Jumping off the Leg(islation).

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Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research

ANSER/ARES is a dynamic growing association that is organizing its seventh annual conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. ANSER brings together leading academic researchers, practitioners, consultants, policymakers and community organizations from Canada and internationally to discuss current and emergent issues, debates and challenges in the fields of civil society, social economy, and nonprofit research and practice. Join us for what promises to be an engaging and provocative conference. The theme for the seventh conference at Brock is: Nonprofits and the Social Economy, Pursuing Borders without Boundaries.

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Border Songs: Western Literature Association Conference

The Department of English at the University of Victoria is the host institution for the Western Literature Association’s annual conference in 2014. The WLA returns to Canada after two very successful past Canadian meetings: Vancouver in 1995 and Banff in 1998.

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Western Literature Association will be held just south of the 49th parallel. From the conference venue, the Fairmont Empress Hotel, two countries, and the homelands of several nations, are visible. The site is the perfect location from which to address the theme of the conference: Border Songs.

The conference is hosted by the Co-Presidents of the Western Literature Association for 2014: Laurie Ricou and Anne Kaufman.

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Centre for Early Childhood Research & Policy

Guns and Barbies: The Complexity of Play in Early Childhood

  • The experiences of early childhood last a lifetime. In this unique course, we explore the phenomenon of play, its significance and the issues it raises.
  • Explore play from different disciplinary perspectives: each week, guest speakers from different academic departments and the community.
  • Dr Michelle Tannock, the course instructor is an experienced early childhood educator and renowned researcher.
  • Lectures are once a week, Tuesday evenings from 6:15 – 9:00 pm
  • Analyze, discuss and critically consider contemporary issues and controversies around play from  multiple perspectives.
  • This registration site is for non-credit participant. For academic credit contact, 250 853-3147 or

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Centre on Aging

Optimizing Aging & Health: Methods and Applications

Centre on Aging Colloquium Series, Fall 2014

The Centre on Aging (COAG) is a research intensive centre at the University of Victoria, with members engaged in aging research in its many forms, including both quantitative and qualitative methods, and longitudinal, experimental, and intervention designs. A key emphasis is on advances in the health, cognitive vitality, and well-being of an aging community. This colloquium series has been developed to highlight both substantive and methodological innovations and applications in aging research. This fall, our colloquium series emphasizes data management and statistical analysis using R software ( and statistical models for identifying trajectories and transitions in longitudinal studies and administrative health data. This fall series will be of general interest to researchers and students who wish to increase their expertise in statistical analysis using R.

This series will be hosted in partnership with the Department of Psychology, Education and Training Unit of Population Data BC, and the Island Health Research and Capacity Building Program.

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InterPARES Trust Symposium

The Second International Symposium of InterPARES Trust takes place on October 17, 2014 in beautiful Victoria, BC, hosted by the University of Victoria Libraries. We hope to present a representative sample of work from all regional teams!

Unlike the Research Workshops (where regional team projects are presented, proposed, and discussed by and among ITrust researchers), the Symposia are international, open to the public, and are our opportunity to showcase all the work that international teams are doing.

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Society for Socialist Studies

The theme of the 2015 CFHSS Congress is 'Capital Ideas.' The theme of the 2015 Society for Socialist Studies conference is Kapital Ideas: analysis, critique, praxis.  Join us for four days of wideranging and engaged analysis and dialogue. June 2-5, at the University of Ottawa.

We encourage readers to sign up for notification of papers posted for this conference. If you are interested in submitting to this conference we recommend that you review the About the Conference page for the conference's policies, and visit the Conference Homepage for more information.

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UVic Retirees Association

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Western Canadian Deans of Graduate Studies


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